What If?

… you knew in real-time you were hitting your cost targets


… CAD engineers had an on screen display of costs as the design progresses


… your business knew what a design “should cost”  before supplier negotiation


Real time display of product costs


Reducing Product Costs with Product Cost Management software

The latest Product Cost Management systems are providing timely cost engineering solutions to give manufacturing companies real-time product cost assessments direct from the 3D CAD model.

During The Design Phase

Alternative designs can be evaluated using feature based cost estimating capabilities, enabling you to identify and quantify savings in material, tooling, labour and overhead, manufacturing processes and sources.

Throughout Your Business

Other key personnel in sourcing, engineering and manufacturing can now make timely, well informed decisions by having access to real-time cost assessments throughout the product development process. This enables them to drive significant costs out of products pre- and post-production.

Through innovative, sometimes patented, application of how cost is driven by product design, materials and manufacturing processes, modern featured-base cost estimating software replaces traditional, inefficient cost-estimation techniques.

The traditional processes (such as activity-based costing, contract quoting or statistical analysis) are replaced with precise cost assessments that update in real-time as design parameters change.

Featured-based Cost Engineering software provides true cost visibility to everyone in the organisation who influences cost; designers, manufacturing engineers and planners, purchasing and sourcing professionals, cost engineering, programme management and executives.

Consequently, using modern Product Cost Estimating software companies can get:-
  • Rapid exploration of design options with real-time cost feedback direct from 3D CAD data
  • Back-to-back cost comparison of geometry, material, process and supplier, displayed on screen
Overall business benefits are:-
  • Reduced Time-to-Market
  • Reduced Cost of Goods Sold
  • Increased profitability

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