Cost Engineering - Useful References


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Recommended books are listed below. If you wish to purchase any click on the cover image and you will be taken to the Amazon bookstore.
Target Costing: The next frontier in strategic cost management
Ansari & Bell : MacGraw-Hill
ISBN: 07863 1053 7
Target Costing Provides process, methods & structure for target costing strategies. Contributors include, CAM-I, Andersen, Toyota, Chrysler, Boeing, Cat, Texas Instruments, Eastman-Kodak, Allied Signal…
The Power of Strategic Costing
Dale Brethauer : AMACOM
ISBN: 0-8144-0486-3
Covers estimating of, supplier costs, product costs, and competitor costs. Includes value of Target Costing plus description of the process.
Some arithmetic errors stimulate verification of worked example results. 
Key Management Ratios
Ciaran Walsh : Pitman/FT
ISBN: 0273 62197 1
Presents financial ratios with extreme clarity
Performance Measurement for World Class Manufacturing
Brian. H. Maskell : Productivity
ISBN: 0 915299 99 2
Chapter 6 - Measurement of production flexibility outlines Measurement of Performnce (MOPS) for parts re-use & commonality. Including commonality, standard, common and unique parts ratio measurements.
Achieving Successful Product Change: A handbook
John G. Inness : Pitman/FT
ISBN: 0 273 60561 5

Details the key importance of controlling product definition via the Bill of Materials (BOM). Discusses managing product change & the linkage between product & process Bills.

Very useful & unique material on total product definition.

Currently out of print. Used copies can be obtained on Amazon.

Engineers In Business: The Principles of Management and Product Design
Mike Lanigan : Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 0201 41695 6
Chapter 7 - Why is cost important? is of particular interest to engineers
Process & Design for Manufacturing
Sherif D. El Wakil : PWS
ISBN: 0534 95165 1
Chapter 12 outlines several Dfx methods including the Lucas DFA application (TeamSET)
Design Methods in Engineering Product Design
Ian Wright : MacGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0 07 709376 3
Outlines design process information and where various techniques fit in the process. Including Dfx, Value Analysis & Engineering, QFD etc.
Improving Productivity by Classification Coding (Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Processing)
W. F. Hyde : Marcel Dekker
ISBN 8247 1404 - 0
The seminal work on classification. Provides basic "how to classify" methods plus a lot of case studies and benefits calculation examples.
CAD/CAM Handbook
Eric Teicholz : Mcgraw-Hill
ISBN: 007 063403-3
Chapter 17 – Process Planning & Group Technology. Has many useful processes & analyses largely derived from extensions to Hyde’s work
Engineering Cost Estimating
Philip F. Ostwald : Prentice-Hall
ISBN: 0-13-276627-2
Contains detailed methods of cost estimating. Identifies varying levels of estimating accuracy & associated cost drivers.
Strategic Cost Management
Shank & Govindarajan : Free Press
ISBN: 0-02-912651-7
Uses case studies to compare traditional cost accounting methods with activity based costing (ABC). Shows that ABC is more relevant to strategic management of a business.
Process Selection: from design to manufacture
Swift & Booker : Arnold or Wiley
ISBN: 0-7506-5437-6
Contains basic theory and drivers for the TeamSET Manufacturing Analysis (MA) module in addition to some others. A total of 48 processes are documented. Some process and shape classification is provided. 2nd edition more extensive.
Process and Operation Planning: Revised Edition of the Principles of Process Planning, A Logical Approach Revised (Hardcover)
G. Halevi : Kluwer Academic
ISBN: 1-4020-1653-0
Shows that process planning, now fully integrated in the manufacturing system, can be regarded as a science by using a logical approach.  Three aspects of process planning are covered: the integration of process planning and design; process planning itself; and the integration of process planning and production management.
Controlling Design Variants
Ericsson & Erixon : SME
ISBN: 0-87263-514-7
Covers the principles of modular design and includes a method to manage the process.
Smart, Simple Design
G. D. Galsworth : Oliver Wight Pubs
ISBN: 0-939246-62-7
A notable quote, “All costs adhere to parts”, sums the theme of this book.
Includes detailed methods for analysing commonality and re-use.
Engineering Design: A materials & processing approach
G. E. Dieter : McGraw-Hill
ISBN 0-07-339814-4
Makes the critical linkage between design, materials & processes. References a large number of materials data sources.
Techniques of Value Analysis & Engineering
L. D. Miles : McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0-07-041926-4

The seminal work on Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VA/VE). Describes VA and VE techniques in great detail.
- Out of print. Used copies can be found on Amazon from time to time. Well worth obtaining a copy.

The Metal Data Book
Alok Nayar : McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0-070-46088-4
Contains extensive metallurgical information on the grades of: cast iron, steel, aluminium & its alloys, copper & its alloys, zinc & its alloys and sintered metals. Cross references specifications from 6 different countries.
Machining Data Handbook
Various : IAMS
ISBN: 0-936974-00-1
Contains extensive metal cutting tables showing speeds and feeds for various materials, machines and cutting tools.
Materials Selection in Mechanical Design
Michael F. Ashby : Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 1-8561-7663-0
Describes a procedure for materials selection in mechanical design, allowing the most suitable materials for a given application to be identified from the full range available.  Now in its forth edition.