How Featured Based Product Cost Estimating software works..

Product Cost Estimating Systems | How they Work

Product Cost Estimating Process Description

  • A working solid CAD model is processed by a Geometry Assesssment engine and Geometric Cost Drivers (GCD's) determined.
  • Based on user determined criteria, defined in the VMU's, the routing engine produces one or more candidate process routings for the user to select or compare.
  • The estimated cost results are presented to the user in real time.

Virtual Manufacturing Units (VMU's) Defined

  • A VMU includes the data and machines representative of available processes in a manufacturing cell, department, factory or groups of manufacturing entities. Typically, it includes the following data elements:-
    • Materials and raw stock available to the unit.
    • Manufacturing processes and routings supported by the unit
    • Machines and tooling to support defined processes
    • Process logic (how time standards are generated per process)
    • Accounting Rates (e. g. material,  labour, overhead costs ...)
    • Cost accounting logic / methodology
  • VMU's can represent internal, off-shore or supplier facilities.
  • VMU's are usually configured from a master cost database either by the user or via a consulting service.