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B2 - Part envelope is largely a prismatic solid with a single axis or plane having regular secondary or repetitive featuresShape Includes :- Regular through features; T-slots and racks; plain gear sections; repetitive holes on one or more axis. Angled holes; threads and counterbores

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Cost Factors for ProcessName
Material Waste Coefficent (Wc) : Wc
Additional Cost Factor for Shape (Cc) : Cc
Component Section Cost coefficient (Cs) : Cs
Material to Process Suitability Factor (Cmp) : Cmp
Tolerance Cost coefficient (Ct) : Ct
Surface Finish Cost coefficient (Cf) : Cf
Surface / Tolerance coefficient (Cft) : Cft
Relative Cost Coefficent (Rc = Cmp*Cc*Cs*Cft) : Rc
Material Cost (Mc = Volume*Cmt*Wc) : Mc
Alternative Processes
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